Hello, I’m Rafał Furmański – Web/software developer based in Wrocław.
I love to create rich web applications using mainly Python, Django and JavaScript.

Rafał Furmański - Python/Django developer
What I do

Web development is the way I keep together most of my passions: designing, programming and computer security.

I’m able to take care of all the steps of a project: brainstorming, time estimating, designing, programming, deploying and maintaining newly created web application. I produce code that is easy to maintain and extend using best coding practices and popular, well known frameworks.

Currently I’m employed by Opera Software where I’m responsible for maintaining and developing new features in Opera Add-ons portal.

Who I am

Hardcore Python, Django, HTML(5), JavaScript, CSS developer with almost five years’ experience.

Web standards fan and innovation seeker.

Strong analytical mind trained on pure study.
MSc in Computer Science (Computer Security).

Open source follower and GNU Linux (Debian/Ubuntu/Arch) freak.

After work – addicted volleyball player and personal freedom fighter.


Most of my projects were created by myself from the beginning to the end and some of them with my friends from Dook and Teleste.

Check out my work

I’m open for new opportunities and external cooperation. If you have any question please feel free to contact me via email or give me a call.

Rafał Furmański

Web Developer
+48 501953475

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